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About Us
CommuniCare Solution is a Service and Support provider of complete networking, Telecom and Security solutions, be it wireless and wired. Our unmatched expertise in networking products and full range of network infrastructure and access products by the leading industry manufacturers allows us to sell and service the products and provide complete solutions for various markets and applications.
Router and Switches Repair
Component, Software and Chip level repairing of all kind of Router and Switches (Edge/Core/Basic)
Wireless Radios Repair
Component and Chip level repairing of all kind of Radios Equipment. All major brands, Competitive Pricing, Excellent SLA and Timely Delivery
ONU and OLT Repair
All kind of ONU and OLT repair in very competitive price
NVR/DVR and Cameras Repair
NVR, DVR, High End Cameras and their accessories
Power Supply and Power Module Repair
All kind of Power Supply and Power Modules
SDH/PDH/BTS Cards/MUX and all kind of telecom Product Repair
All kind of PCB repairing
Wireless Network Consultancy
We do provide consultancy to our customers for their existing and upcoming Wireless Projects.
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